Broader vaccination schedule planned for Prince Albert as province announces 412 new Saskatchewan COVID-19 cases, eight new deaths

(File photo/Jayda Taylor)

Health officials reported eight more deaths linked to COVID-19 on Monday, along with 412 new COVID-19 cases. One of those deaths involved a patient in their 50s from the North Central area who passed away after testing positive for the virus. A COVID patient in the 80+ age category from the Far North West has also died. Two deaths were reported in Regina, including one patient in their 30s. The Central East, South East, North West and South Central zones all reported one death each.

The North Central region recorded 95 of the province’s 412 new cases. Prince Albert reported 40 new cases, while North Central Zone 1 reported 23 and North Central Zone 3 reported 32. There are now 614 active cases in North Central. That’s the second highest total in the province.

Saskatoon has the highest amount with 662, while Regina is third with 588. Prince Albert has 315 active cases, while North Central 1 has 141 and North Central 3 has 158. Those totals include eight previous cases that did not have residency information when announced. They were assigned to North Central on Monday.

The three far north regions reported a combined 122 new cases, the majority of which were in the Far North East. Far North Central reported nine new cases–the third lowest increase in the province–while the Far North East reported 80 and the Far North West reported 33. There are now 451 active cases in the Far North East, 215 in the Far North West, and 40 in Far North Central. The North East reported 48 new cases, 35 of which were in North East Zone 1. North East Zone 2 reported 12 and North East Zone 3 reported 1. There are currently 3,735 patients with COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, 197 of which are in hospital. Healthcare workers processed 2,611 COVID-19 tests on Sunday, and 3,222 tests on Saturday. A total of 454.050 tests have been processed in Saskatchewan since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Province expects more vaccine doses to arrive this week

The provincial government expects 6,825 vaccine doses from Pfizer and 5,400 from Moderna to arrive in Saskatchewan this week. The arrival date and distribution locates have not been announced

In Prince Albert, healthcare workers will immediately begin vaccinating in clinic locations and long term and personal care homes across the city, instead of requiring patients to travel to a specific location. The province has received additional guidance from Pfizer on the ultra-low temperature requirements, which allows for “broader, but still safe,” distribution. Previously, vaccines could only be administered near buildings containing ultra-low storage freezers, like Victoria Hospital.

As of Monday, 8,948 vaccine doses have been administered, 833 of which came on Sunday. In Prince Albert, 613 doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been administered, including 117 on Sunday.

Healthcare workers have administered 1,801 doses of the Moderna vaccine in the three far north regions, including 234 in the Far North East on Sunday. The Far North East has had the most vaccines administered so far with 1,071, followed by the Far North West with 596 and Far North Central with 134.

The North East Region, which includes Nipawin, Tisdale and Melfort, has had 388 doses administered, 206 of which came on Sunday.