Bring Prince Albert to the world

For two local 4-H members, representing Saskatchewan in front of the world began with the basics.

It didn’t start with weather, crops or farming techniques. Instead, it started with something as simple as pointing to a map.

“A lot of times people are like, ‘where’s Prince Albert?’” said Josh Tkatchuk, one of 28 Saskatchewan delegates who made the trip to Ottawa for the 2017 Global 4-H Network Summit. “They don’t know where it is, and a lot of people don’t even know where Saskatchewan is, to be honest.”

Both Tkatchuk and Emily Letendre represented the Prince Albert area as part of the provincial delegation to the weeklong event, which attracted more than 450 4-H youth from 35 different countries.

This list of attendees included 4-H clubs from Kosovo and Jamaica, who are less than a year old, to some from Canada who are celebrating 100 years.

Tkatchuk said it made for a unique atmosphere, and one he was proud to be a part of.

“We had a high level dinner … and the Minister of Science and Technology attended. They had a delegate from each country bring in their home country’s flag, and it was a proud moment to see our flag.”

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