‘Blue Skies’ for Prince Albert Concert Choir return

The Prince Albert Concert Choir holds a rehearsal at the Calvary United Church in preparation for their next concert on Sunday, May 28. -- Photo courtesy of Deanna Roos.

After an unwanted hiatus, the Prince Albert Concert Choir is scheduled to make its return.

The choir plans to host their first regular concert since COVID hit when they gather at Calvary United Church on Sunday, May 28. Choir member and executive committee president Meghan O’Leary said they’re excited to perform for a public audience.

“It was really hard in 2020,” she said. “We were just gearing up for a concert and then we had to cancel everything, so it was really hard. It’s nice now to get back into it.”

The choir began rehearsing again in September 2022, and performed a few smaller shows at the Prince Albert Public Library during the Christmas season. Sunday’s concert will be their first in front of a regular crowd.

O’Leary said their numbers initially dropped as some longtime members left for health reasons, but they’ve picked up a few new singers since then to fill out their ranks.

The concert theme is ‘Blue Skies’, and attendees can expect to hear a mix of religious and secular music.

“It’s kind of like ASMR, but for your ears,” O’Leary said. “It sounds so nice it gives you chills and warm, fuzzy feelings at the same time.”

Sunday’s performance will also be the first since the Prince Albert Arts Hall of Fame announced plans to induct choir directors Bill and Lorna Gibson. O’Leary said the duo are an important part of the choir, and deserve a thank you for their efforts.

“Without them there would be no choir,” she said. “They’re special people.”

O’Leary herself joined the concert choir in 2017. She previously sang in high school choirs, but dropped out after graduating and moving away for university.

When she returned, she started looking for a chance to get back into music.

“One of my mom’s friends told me about this choir. I reached out and talked to Bob and said, ‘I used to sing in choirs so I’d like to get back into it,’ and that’s how I got into it.”

‘Blue Skies’ begins at 7:30 p.m. at Calvary United Church. The line-up also features pianist Brenner Holash and bassoon trio “Bundle of Sticks”. Admission is by donation.