Assaults and mischief highlight holiday police calls

Prince Albert Police Service © Herald file photo

Prince Albert Police responded to 364 calls for service between Friday evening and Tuesday morning, arresting 68 people. The top calls were for intoxicated people and disturbances

Arrest of wanted man

On Thursday, December 27 shortly before 1 p.m. a man with a Canada-wide arrest warrant for being unlawfully at large was located by officers in an alley in the 200 Block of 10th Street East.

William henderson was spotted carrying a black bag and entering into a white car. He was followed by officers for a short distance before he was pulled over travelling north on Second Ave. East. he was blocked in by several police vehicles.

Henderson allegedly attemptedd to escape by backing into a police vehicle. According to police, he was preparing to ram the front vehicle. For officer safety, the glass on the dreiver’s side window was broken with a baton and Henderson was arrested.

A female passenger was also arrested and charged. Officers say they found the black duffel bag in the vehicle. They allege that it contained a .22 rifle, 29 rounds of amunition and three shotgun shells.

Henderson and a 24-year-old Prince Albert woman are charged with several firearms-related offences. Henderson has also been charged with asaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest.

They made their first court appearances last week.

Intoxicated man allegedly spits on Art Hauser Centre security

Police were called to the Raider game last Friday after security guards accused an allegedly intoxicated man of spitting on them.

At about 8:20 p.m. on December 28, police attended to the Art Hauser after the man had allegedly become upset when security guards tried to remove him from the premises.

He was found hiding in a nearby vehicle, and was arrested. The 35-year-old is charged with two counts of assault. He was due in court Monday.

Security tracks down suspected thief

Police headed to the 800 Block of 15th Street East at about 5:39 p.m. on Dec. 31 to a report that security guards were in the parking lot with a man allegedly seen attempting to steal a vehicle.

The man was arrested by police and brought to the police station, where it is alleged that he resisted officers while being processed in the cellblock and attempted to assault an officer.

He was brought under control and lodged in cells. The 24-year-old Saskatoon man has been charged with assault of a police officer and breach of probation. He was due in court Wednesday.

Wanted man found after allegedly discharging fire extinguisher

A man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for escaping lawful custody and violating his probation order was found by police responding to a disturbance call shortly after 8:30 p.m. on December 31.

It was reported that someone had discharged a fire extinguisher in the hallway of an apartment building. An allegedly intoxicated man was found in the hallway with the fire extinguisher. He was arrested, and it was determined he was wanted on the warrant for escaping and for violating probation.

The 18-year-old from Prince Albert has been charged with mischief.