Arnesen hopes to bring unique perspective as Saskatchewan Rivers trustee

Cherise Arnesen hopes to be elected as a trustee to the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board of education./Photo Courtesy

A new face has come aboard for the election in the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board of education trustee race in the city. Cherise Arnesen was born in midtown Prince Albert and wants to serve the city of her birth.

“I have a skill set that has not been represented on the school board, I have education that has not been represented on the school board so I am a fresh asset,” Arnesen said.

Arnesen explained that she sits on the board for the Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation, which runs Innovation Place in both Saskatoon and Regina near the campuses of the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina.

 “I sit on that board, that is a pretty serious responsibility and the level of oversight is taken very seriously. It is how I came to feel qualified to be a benefit to my own community,” Arnesen said.

Arnesen explained that she is bringing another unique perspective to the board if elected.

“I am pursuing the director’s education program by Institute of Corporate Directors. That program is again a high degree of accountability for board members. The Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), their mandate is basically building better board members so that you have better boards that make better decisions for a better Canada,” she said.

She explained that in her experience a new set of eyes is an excellent thing for boards.

“A big thing in the professional board world is a higher accountability than ever before. With that comes really reviewing the skill set matrix of board members. Fleshing that out so you have a wide variety of perspectives and nothing is getting lost for oversight. And that includes turnover,” Arnesen said,

She also has teaching experience in many locations including Kenaston, where she taught Grade 1 to Grade 12. She also taught in the inner city in London, England, in Saskatoon and northern Alberta.

“So I have got a really varied boots on the ground in the classroom experience to bring,” she said.

The nomination deadline is October 7 in all school divisions.