Anthony’s Story

I wish to have a red fishing boat

Anthony, wish granted in 2019
neurological condition

A fan of video games and pumpkin pie, Anthony’s life is affected by his condition every day. Getting too tired or being exposed to bright lights can bring on seizures. Excessive movement or activity makes him sore. His speech limits his conversations, and large crowds and loud places cause him stress. But one place where Anthony feels at peace is holding his fishing rod on the lake. “It’s the one thing he doesn’t struggle with,” said Anthony’s mom. “He gets in a boat and that’s his happy place.” Anthony wished for a red fishing boat so he could go fishing anytime he wanted. 

Anthony’s wish came true when Rally Motorsports in Prince Albert worked with Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan to present the teen with the boat of his dreams. “I thought I was going to be able to control myself, but I just couldn’t do it,” said Anthony’s dad when he showed his son the boat. “Fishing is his world.” 

After his wish Anthony’s mom noticed that things had shifted. The teen who does not like crowds was telling everyone about his boat. “It’s a great thing to see him engaging with others,” said Anthony’s mom. “He’s so excited he forgets how shy he is about socializing.” Having his own boat also means more independence for Anthony. He and his family don’t have to ask to borrow a boat when they want to go fishing and are free to head to the lake whenever they want. And the highlight? “Seeing Anthony’s face when he saw his boat.”