Another death in North Central zone

One more person has died after contracting COVID-19 in the North Central zone, making a total of 73 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Hospitalizations have dropped by two and are now at 27 with seven people in the ICU.

On September 22, 29 new cases were reported, a reduction of 17 from the day before and there are now 528 active cases as 68 additional people are now considered recovered.

Of the new cases, nine were in North Central 1, 14 were in North Central 2 and six were in North Central 3.

So far, there have been 6,457 cases of COVID-19 in the entire zone.

The amount of tests performed is also dropping, with 212 completed for Sept. 22 reporting, 69 fewer than the previous day. So far, 74,165 tests have been done.

Vaccination rates have climbed since the province announced that unvaccinated people will not be able to enter certain venues (like restaurants, bars, concerts) as of October 1.

On Sept. 22, 232 new vaccine doses were reported with 112 additional people now fully vaccinated, meaning 120 people received their first dose.

Provincial highlights:

As of September 22, there are 426 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 63,415 reported cases.

The new cases are located in the Far North West (15), Far North East (22), North West (60), North Central (29), North East (7), Saskatoon (91), Central West (14), Central East (42), Regina (64), South West (14), South Central (16), South East (26) zones and twenty six (26) new cases have pending residence information.

Thirty (30) cases with pending residence information were reassigned to Far North West (from September 18 (1), September 19 (3), September 20 (1)), Far North East (from September 6 (1), September 17 (1), September 20 (1)), North West (from September 20 (1)), North Central (from September 20 (1)), North East (from September 15 (3), September 17 (1)), Saskatoon (from September 18 (1), September 20 (4)), Central West (from September 18 (1), September 20 (1)), Regina (from September 20 (1)), South West (from September 19 (2)), South Central (from September 15 (1), September 16 (1), September 20 (2)), and South East (from September 14 (1), September 20 (1)) zones.

63,415 cases are confirmed

15,294 cases are from the Saskatoon area

15,225 cases are from the North area (6,413 North West, 6,457 North Central, 2,355 North East)

13,168 cases are from the Regina area

7,847 cases are from the Far North area (3,654 Far North West, 525 Far North Central, 3,668 Far North East)

7,282 cases are from the South area (1,518 South West, 2,309 South Central, 3,455 South East)

4,123 cases are from the Central area (1,143 Central West, 2,980 Central East)

476 cases have pending residence information

Active cases

4,706 cases are considered active and 58,058 cases are considered recovered.

Around two-fifth (38.0 per cent) of new cases are in the age category of 19 and under.

Almost one in four (23.2 per cent) of new cases eligible for vaccination (aged 12 years and older) were fully vaccinated.

As of September 22nd, a total of 265 individuals are hospitalized; including 211 inpatient hospitalizations and 54 ICU hospitalizations. Of the 265 patients, 201 (75.8 per cent) were not fully vaccinated.

Five new deaths reported today. 651 Saskatchewan residents with COVID-19 have died with a case fatality rate of 1.0 per cent.

Testing information

1,101,974 COVID-19 tests have been performed in the province. As of September 20, 2021, when other provincial and national numbers are available from PHAC, Saskatchewan’s per capita rate was 927,730 tests performed per million. The national rate was 1,114,860 tests performed per million.

The 7-day average of new COVID-19 case numbers was 467 (38.8 new cases per 100,000).