Adapting to a Changing World – How M&M Food Market Continues to Innovate

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M&M Food Market

Two years ago, our lives changed almost overnight. The rapid shifts that followed have reshaped the way we work, play, and celebrate. Change can be hard. It forces us to innovate and find new solutions to our problems. In times of change, people look to resiliency and strength, rethink what’s most important to them, and discover new opportunities to grow.

M&M Food Market has a long history of adapting to change. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped Canadians put great-tasting, top-quality meals on the table.

Through economic downturns, changing consumer tastes, and an increasingly competitive retail environment, M&M Food Market has emerged as Canada’s largest frozen food retailer and one of Canada’s most iconic and well-loved franchise brands.

The Perfect Time to Own Your Own Business

One of the most interesting trends of the pandemic has been the shift in people’s attitude toward work. Some are considering ditching the traditional 9-5 job in favour of entrepreneurship. Whether they want the flexibility and balance of self-employment or the rewards and growth that come from ownership, Canadians are looking for new opportunities to build their own business.

Franchising combines the benefits of ownership with the proven business model, finely tuned operating procedures, and name recognition of an established brand. As Canadians continue to rethink their relationship with work, franchising is an attractive alternative to starting from scratch.

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Innovating in Times of Uncertainty

Stability does not mean standing still. When the world is changing around you, you must be able to innovate and adapt to stay ahead.

M&M Food Market accelerated investments in key strategic initiatives. A refreshing, modern store design makes it easier for customers to browse, discover new products, and receive personalized customer service from highly trained Meal Advisors.

An industry-leading eCommerce website enables online ordering and flexible fulfillment options such as in-store or curbside pickup and delivery. Customers can also input dietary and other restrictions and discover new products through tailored recommendations.

These new channels have been augmented with an enhanced loyalty program that rewards customers and provides individual discounts based on their shopping history and preferences.

And as the only Canadian frozen food retailer to offer a full line of more than 500 products with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners, M&M Food Market has remained committed to delivering innovative, great-tasting meals that span every category and appeal to every taste.

By providing flexibility and choice to customers, Franchise Partners expanded their reach and established new revenue streams. The result? A significant increase in traffic across the country, stable revenues, and an influx of customers who have been introduced to the brand for the first time.

Supporting Franchise Partners Every Step of the Way

Canadians turned to M&M Food Market because of the trust we’ve earned over the past four decades. From the beginning, our stores remained open to serve local communities as an essential service.

M&M Food Market stepped up to support Franchise Partners throughout the pandemic.

A Stable and Resilient Franchise Ready for a Changing Future

The past two years have changed the way we live our lives, and there’s no doubt that there will be many more challenges ahead.

With a long history of adapting to difficult conditions and innovating in the face of change, M&M Food Market remains a strong, stable, and resilient opportunity for Franchise Partners. And, the recent Parkland acquisition of M&M Food Market will open up new and exciting opportunities for Franchise Partners and the M&M Food Market brand.

If you’re ready to make a change in your life, now’s the time to consider an M&M Food Market franchise. For more information about the opportunities available in Prince Albert, please contact Liz Riley Director, Franchising at or 905-814-2420.