About 71 per cent of Prince Albert police members lack confidence in chief, according to union

Prince Albert police Chief Jonathon Bergen. (Jayda Taylor/Daily Herald)

The Prince Albert Police Association (PAPA) says a recent online vote by members of the city’s police service suggest 71 per cent don’t have confidence in Chief Jonathon Bergen.

According to a Thursday afternoon news release, PAPA held a membership meeting on June 29. Due to COVID-19 regulations, they held three meetings with 30 people there at one time.

At the first meeting, said the release, a member motioned for the union to conduct a confidence vote of Bergen. The motion was seconded, followed by a discussion. That member who made the motion, as well as the seconder, attended all three of the meetings for further discussion.

After the last meeting, PAPA conducted an online vote asking ‘Are you confident in Chief Jon Bergen?’

According to PAPA, 71 per cent of the 94 members who voted said no. Ten members did not vote.

“PAPA wants the PA Police Service to be a professional organization that meets the needs of the citizens of Prince Albert and the members of PAPA,” read the statement.

“PAPA will be meeting with the Chief soon to address ongoing concerns that were brought by members at the meeting. The executive of PAPA will be deciding on next steps soon.”

The release noted that President Brian Glynn resigned from his position on Wednesday for personal reasons and other executive members are away on annual leave.

“When everyone is back we will decide on our next steps.”

Mayor Greg Dionne declined to comment on the results on Thursday evening, saying he didn’t know enough about the matter yet, but said he would provide a response on Friday.