A new musical experience

Saskatoon-based singer Heidi Munro, seen here with her jazz ensemble in 2013, is performing at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Nov. 3. © File photo

Longtime P.A. singer Heidi Munro makes her return for a “real groovy” show

For 24 years, singer Heidi Munro was a presence in the Prince Albert music scene, known for her country and rock vocals.

Munro moved to Saskatoon three years ago, and along with a change of scenery, she found herself with a change of genre after being offered the chance to perform for the Saskatoon Jazz Society. She said she didn’t think of it as a transition from one type of music to another.

“I really fell in love with that music. Ever since I was young I’ve always explored all different kinds of music. I was a heavy rock ‘n’ roll girl, I still enjoy performing my rock and my country music,” she said.

“With so much versatility I think you sort of come into your own and everything I am now is just a reflection and it’s just a melding of all that music.”

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