A local production

Director of photography Carli Robertson adjusts the set during the filming of The Matter of Ronnie Goldblatt. Nearly everyone in the production is from Prince Albert. © Photo courtesy 'The Matter of Ronnie Goldblatt'

Prince Albert talent comes together for feature-length film

A local film production is nearing completion and lead audio and IT crew member Steve Thiessen said the fact that nearly everyone involved is from P.A. was a helpful touch.

“The people you work with are what make any job good. You work with good people it’s a good experience and if the people you’re working with aren’t good then it’s like, ‘When will this end?’” he said.

“This was a good one. We all worked together. It got stressful at times as it always does in any production but at the same time I had a really good experience out of it.”

The Matter of Ronnie Goldblatt, written, produced and directed by filmmaker Ian Goldberg, tells a coming-of-age story about a wayward youth who gets in trouble with the law. Thiessen said the film started shooting in August.

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