A lesson in staying safe

Summer is surely going to appear this year and more time to enjoy the beach, the boat or the backyard deck. With every activity we do, there is risk. Yep, mowing the lawn comes with risk, maybe less than shingling the roof, but there is still risk.

For example, you’re putting down some new vinyl flooring in the basement. It looks like a pretty easy ‘home handy person’ job. Flooring, glue, place it done. Did you read the label on the container of glue? Is it flammable? Does it require sufficient ventilation? Do you need to wear gloves or a mask? The manufacturer of any product is always required to tell you what safety precautions are needed. First piece of advice read the label. Yes, gentleman we are bad at reading instructions. Do yourself and family a favor, read the label.

Did you know that a lawnmower is a pretty loud? Wearing hearing protection is a great idea as is good footwear. How many of us might hurry home from work, grab something to eat and pack up the family to head out to the lake for the weekend. Looking around the yard, saying to yourself, geez that lawn should be mowed. So, in your flip flops and board shorts you get started. Not a great idea. One slip and off might go some toes. Ouch!!!

I’m reminded of a true story of a man who needed to get onto his roof to do some roof work. His ladder was too short so he placed it on top of a few pallets and a table. It seemed safe so up onto the roof he headed.

When it came time to get off the roof, he looked down and thought to himself, that’s not safe. Using his cell phone he called his wife inside the house. His wife walked out and walked back into the house. He thought that’s odd, so he waited, and he waited. Off in the distance he heard sirens, which steadily got louder and louder. Till in front of his house arrived an ambulance, fire truck and police car. He later learned that his wife called 9-1-1 determined to educate her husband that what he did wasn’t safe. He did admit that the neighbor has a great extension ladder, but he was just too lazy to go borrow it. Before you start a project, repair, a home renovation, have a word with yourself and do things safely.

With summer, we often taken on the little projects such as repair the fence, cut down a few trees, maybe even build a new deck, use power tools with sharp blades. If you have small children around, they often want to help. They also might want to copy dad as he saws a board. With dad’s back turned to measure something a power saw or drill can be easily picked up by a small child and become a dangerous object in their small ahnds. Supervisor or don’t allow children in the work area. Unplug power equipment when it’s not being used.

With warmer weather a backyard pool, trip to the beach or even public swimming area always requires your attention. Keep your eyes on your children at all times. Don’t grab the iPad or a good book and park under your umbrella as the kids venture out into the water. No matter how deep, water can be dangerous.

At the park, in the back yard, at the beach or out for a hike, be prepared. Bug spray, hats, plenty of water, a whistle to summon help or scare a bear, all might be essential. Discover Saskatchewan one adventure at a time. Have a safe day!