Teeing off to end impaired driving

Kerry Swallow poses with a golf classic poster outside the Daily herald office on July 10. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

A local man is turning his lifelong passion into a province-wide fundraising initiative.

On July 22, Kachur’s Golf Club will host the inaugural Knights of Columbus/MADD Annual Golf Classic. The event was put together in part by Kerry Swallow, who has a personal connection to the tragedy of lives lost due to impaired driving.

“I was in the RCMP for 27 and a half years. One of my passions is to take and keep impaired drivers off of the road,” the event co-chair said.

“Mainly because I have seen very serious accidents. It’s a life-changing experience to have someone’s last blood draining through your hands while they’re making a dying wish to you. It’s a real passion of mine to make sure this doesn’t happen to any more families.”

While Swallow has seen the devastating effects of impaired driving first-hand, he’s also seen how many other people are affected by it.

He recounted a story of a presentation he gave for about 200 people on the topic of impaired driving.

“My first question was ‘how many of you have had a family member either injured or killed by an impaired driver?’ And I was stunned. Twenty-eight people stood up. The next question I asked was ‘how many of you had a friend or colleague injured or killed by an impaired driver?’ Another 25 or 30 stood up. And then I asked the final question: ‘How many of you have had a community member injured or killed by an impaired driver?’ The rest of the 200 stood up,” he recalled.

“It’s mind-blowing to imagine that there’s still an acceptance out there for impaired driving. There should not be an acceptance for it.”

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