Catholic School Division looking to have board engage on Truth and Reconciliation

Lorel Trumier /Herald File Photo

The board of education for the Prince Albert Catholic School Division is trying to expand their knowledge when it comes to Truth and Reconciliation. At their regular meeting on Monday, June 15 board chair Suzanne Stubbs began the process of seeking feedback for engagement in a fall 4 Seasons of Reconciliation online development program for trustees.

“We are going to get some more information about that our board has always been very supportive, as you know some of our board members are Métis and also understand the impact of residential schools in our community and with our families. We want to better understand the way to support our children and our families so I think it is exciting to respond to the call and the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action,” director of education Lorel Trumier said.

The Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) is offering to subsidize the program for trustees.

Schools participating in food program

Four of the elementary schools in the division have been participating in the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) lunch program. The schools participating include St. Catherine School, St. John School and St. Michael School with lunches available over the lunch hour.

“Up to date there were about 365 lunches distributed from three schools. All of the schools have students that would need to access the lunches so up to date there is 365, I think the first few days of course it is slow until the word gets out and now we are in full swing. It will be hard to actually stop that during the summer here again knowing that is where things are happening but we are making plans to see what we will need to do for food distribution in the fall always with our children nutrition program we are always looking to make sure that our children have food,” Trumier said.

The 365 lunches were handed out between June 1 and June 9.

The board also received an update on Child Nutrition Program funding grant money for the upcoming school year.

“The Child Nutrition Funding is a wrap up. We receive dollars each year and at the end of the year we have a report to provide, basically it is money that we spent and whether the grant is used. It is just that opportunity to use the alternate funding sources,” Trumier said.

The grant allocation for 2020-2021 with be $82,957 (subject to the government appropriation vote) and is expected to be received in September from the Ministry of Education.

Election prep underway

At the meeting the school board also continued preparation for the November election. Nomination day will be October 7 and the administration has prepared an election package for trustee nominees. The board reviewed the initial package and will be presented a final package once completed.

“What we have done is created an election package for any member of the public that are looking to run for a trustee position and we know that if we provide some information to them then they are better informed for the decision that they are about to make. And sometimes it is really helpful to them to see what is the life of a Catholic trustee, what is required of them as a trustee in our community,” Trumier said.

The package included everything that possible future trustees would need to know ahead of deciding to be a candidate.

Vice principal hired

As well during the meeting the board learned of the hiring of Jason Bourdon as vice principal at St. John Community School. All other administrative appointments across the division remain the same for the 2020-2021 school year.