Police put out call for more information about 30 year old unsolved murder

Wednesday marked 30 years since Jean LaChance’s body was found along the bush line in a field south of Victoria Hospital, and Prince Albert police continue to investigate.

LaChance had five children who were between the ages of four and 11 when she was found dead on Sept. 15, 1991. Those children are adults now, and police say they deserve to know what happened to their mother.

“Somebody out there knows the truth, and we hope they will do the right thing and come forward,” said Sgt. Kathy Edwardsen, an investigator with the Prince Albert Police Service’s Missing Persons and Historical Crimes Unit. “The family and friends of the missing and murdered cannot rest until they know the truth. They deserve to know what happened.”

Edwardsen continues to work with LaChance’s family to find answers about her death.  Police consider the death a homicide.

LaChance was last seen at closing time in the former Coronet bar the night of Sept. 14, 1991. Multiple witnesses provided a timeline of her actions that weekend to police, but police need more information to solve the case.

Anyone with information about LaChance’s death is asked to call police at 306-953-4222, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.