Police investigating three-car collision after motorist drives wrong way through construction zone

RCMP are investigating a three-car collision that occurred in a construction zone on Hwy 16 near the community of Maymont.

Police received reports of a red car driving the wrong way through a construction zone at a high rate of speed at around 2 p.m. on Monday, July 26. The driver weaved in and out of traffic, almost hitting highway workers in the process.

RCMP say the red car struck a second car, and side-swiped a third before entering a ditch and rolling. The second car also rolled into the ditch and was severely damaged. The incident occurred roughly three kilometres east of Maymont.

The red car’s 21-year-old driver was transported to hospital. No life-threatening injuries were reported by anyone involved in the collision.

The highway remained open during the investigation while the Borden Fire Department conducted traffic control and an RCMP traffic analyst investigated.