Government asks air passengers to check new website for past international and domestic flights with confirmed COVID-19 cases

The provincial government has created a web page to help air passengers check if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

The new web page includes 16 flights that departed from or landed in Canada between March 5 and March 19 with at least one confirmed case of COVID-19.

The website lists which seats are the most likely to be affected, but the provincial government says all passengers on those flights should self-monitor for at least 14 days after the plane landed.

“There are rows that are marked, so if you keep your boarding pass with you, check (if) you were in those rows,” said Dr. Saqib Shahab, the province’s chief medical health officer. “If you’re not in those rows, your risk is lower. If you were in those rows, you are to self-isolate. It’s just a check for (travellers) in terms of the risk after airline travel.”

The majority of the 16 flights in question landed in either Saskatoon or Regina. The exceptions are Egypt Air flight MS 0995 from Cairo to Toronto, which landed on March 5, and West Jet flight WS 3263 from Regina to Edmonton, which landed on March 11.

Calgary was the most common origin point, with five flights on the list. Three of those flights landed in Saskatoon while the other two arrived in Regina. Three flights from Toronto (two to Saskatoon and one to Regina) and two from Cancun, Mexico (one each to Saskatoon and Regina) were also on the list.

International flights from Las Vegas (arrived March 8 in Saskatoon), the Dominican Republic, and Cuba (arrived March 19 in Saskatoon) rounded out the list, along with domestic flights from Vancouver (arrived March 11 in Regina) and Edmonton (arrived March 14 in Regina).

For the complete listed of flights and the affected rows on each plane, visit the Travel Information section at