Conservative Party announces date of English leadership debate

The only English language debate of the Conservative Party leadership race will take place on April 17 in Toronto, with the French-language debate to follow on April 23 in Montreal.

Both debates will be streamed online. Details about the debate format and moderator will be announced later. All leadership candidates must attend as per the party’s leadership election rules.

“The decision to hold the debates at this point in the race means candidates appearing on the stage are actually those that will appear on the ballot,” Leadership Election Organizing Committee co-chair Dan Nowlan said in a media release. “We also took into account that these are held at or after the membership deadline, allowing candidates to focus their efforts on their own campaigns and recruiting new members to the party.”

The Conservative Party leadership election is scheduled for June 27 in Toronto. Only voters who are members of the party as of April 17 will be eligible to vote.