A very prairie Christmas

Jeffery Straker is performing in Prince Albert on Dec. 13. Photo by Ryan Nolan.

Scott Roos, Herald contributor

Jeffery Straker oozes positivity. His joyous presence comes off as natural and not at all contrived. You see, he grew up on a farm outside of Punnichy, Saskatchewan so he quite naturally has that small-town vibe about him. He’s easily someone you’d like to hang out with on coffee row. His energy is infectious, which makes him a very willing and ideal candidate to put on a first-rate Christmas show. And, in fact, on Friday, Dec. 13 he’ll be at the EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts doing just that with his “A Very Prairie Christmas Show”.

“To just have a night where people can get into the theatre, turn off their phones, and just enjoy the music for the moments we’re together and have an experience and feel something and go on their merry way – that’s kind of what these holiday shows are all about,” says Jeffery who has planned a full slate of dates that include Prince Albert in the mix.

A Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter who has been compared to many internationally famous peers such as Kris Kristofferson, Billy Joel, Harry Chapin, Bruce Hornsby and countless others, Jeffery will be bringing a full backing band to the Rawlinson for the show which will include his sister Jill on backing vocals.

“I try to emulate what my favourite memories are of Christmas growing up,” Jeffery continues, “There was music, there was singing together, there was singalongs, there was storytelling. So I want it to be a night like that in the theatre. I kind of want to make it hopefully feel like a big living room.”

Given the fact that Jeffery was raised in an environment that was conducive to that energy, combined with the Rawlinson’s cozy ambiance where there’s really not a bad seat in the house, and I feel that Jeffery will likely leave P.A. feeling like his mission will have been accomplished.

The show will get started at 7:30 pm. At press time, tickets are moving for this show very quickly with some towns on the tour already sold out. You can purchase them at the EA Rawlinson Centre box office or at www.earc.ca/events.