City to begin engineering work on Marquis Road extension

The city has put out a request for proposals for engineering work on this proposed road extension. (Screenshot/SaskTenders)

The city is looking to complete an extension of Marquis drive by next fall.

According to a request for proposal filed online earlier this month, the city is soon to consider bids for detailed engineering design for the underground work and roadway construction.

The document, available on the SaskTenders website, lists October 2020 for the proposed completion date for construction.

The project is currently set to start construction next May.

According to the city, a 2017 study found that in five to ten years there will be a need for Marquis Road to be extended west. A 2018 West Hill Master Plan has projected the full build-out of a future residential area bordered by the future extensions of both Marquis an of 10th Ave. West to have a population of 11,273.

The extended Marquis would be needed to increase traffic capacity in the area.

The project calls for an additional 520 m to be built on the end of Marquis Road, taking it from Seventh Ave. West, where it currently ends, to 10th Ave. West.

It also calls for an additional 800m of 10th Ave. West to be constructed, which would take it south from where it currently ends at 28th Street by the Alfred Jenkins Field House to meet with the extended Marquis.

While the exact cost of the project is unknown, the city estimates the road construction alone will cost about $2.8 million.

Bids on the project are due by Oct 1.

The current proposal is for design work only. Any decision to move forward with construction would still have to be made by city council.

The extension has previously been considered during budget deliberations but, so far, has not been funded.