Residents given new way to help stop graffiti

A fence along 6th Avenue West was one of over 20 properties affected in a graffiti spree in May, 2019. (Jayda Noyes/Daily Herald)

Bailey Sutherland, Daily Herald

The Prince Albert Police Service is encouraging residents to take a stand against graffiti and to contact the Prince Albert Bylaw Enforcement Unit’s Summer Student Graffiti Program if they notice their property has been vandalized. Local post-secondary students working with the program can do the work for you at no cost.

If you notice graffiti on your residence, you can contact the bylaw manager’s office to provide an address. The owner must come in and sign a document providing the program the authority to go on their property and paint over the graffiti. The paint comes in two colours, white or brown, and the program is open to residential property owners only.

Having to continually paint over graffiti may be discouraging, but Suzanne Stubbs, bylaw manager for the Prince Albert Police Service, says “It usually takes around two or three times and then people will stop graffiti-ing the property because they know they’re wasting their time, they know the person will continue to paint over it. The thing is, the faster you notice the vandalism, the better. It is best to get it off within 72 hours from when it has been applied onto your property.”

Residents interested in applying for the Summer Student Graffiti Program can call 306-953-4906 to begin the process of removing the vandalism.

If residents or business owners would like to do the work themselves, the city of Prince Albert also has the Anti-Graffiti Paint Program. The city offers one free paint kit to residents or business owners whose properties have been targeted by graffiti.