City is owed nearly $500,000 in total unpaid property taxes from 2017

Herald file photo.

The City of Prince Albert is owed $491,946.11 in unpaid property taxes from 2017, according to a report included in Tuesday’s council agenda package.

The two largest outstanding balances among the 110 accounts are for $33,705.62 and $30,690.67. There are nine accounts in total that owe the city more than $10,000 for just that year, and another 19 who owe between $5,000 and $9,999.

Most unpaid accounts show only one or two parcels of land, but there is one account with $18,697.09 owing on 22 parcels of land.

All property owners were given 30 days to pay the arrears back in February. A vote is scheduled for Tuesday’s meeting directing the Finance Department to send the first application for title documents sometime in August or September. The property owner then has a minimum of six months to clear the balance before the matter goes to the Provincial Mediation Board.

“Property tax revenue provides necessary revenue for municipal services,” the report reads. “Outstanding property taxes has a negative impact on the city’s cash flow, increases use of administration’s time and increases the burden to current property tax payers.”

There are currently more than $3.3 million in total outstanding property taxes owed to the City of Prince Albert.

The tax report is one of 25 items up for debate on the Tuesday regular council meeting agenda. The meeting starts at 5 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall.