Kinsmen donate food to pantry program

The Prince Albert Kinsmen pose with staff and students from Carlton Comprehensive High School on March 27, 2019. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

Carlton students were received a generous donation from the Prince Albert Kinsmen Club Wednesday.

The Kinsmen arrived at the school with $2,000 worth of food, all destined for the Carlton Pantry Program.

The Kinsmen, with a little help from the students, piled up pounds of food for the program.

The food donated consisted of snacks or quick meals, just something so students can have food in their belies.

‘Traditionally, every year we give some money to the food bank. This year, we aid why not give it to the Carlton Pantry, the new program to help students get food in their bodies,” said Jon Fraser, Prince Albert Kinsmen Club vice president.

“Food in the body means you’re more attentive, more ready to learn.”

The student helpers who showed up to help unload the food were blown away by the Kinsmen Club’s donation.

‘A couple of those kids were the ones who had started with the idea,” explained Carlton principal Jeff Court.

“For them to be a part of that, to just feel the energy in the space at the time, but also to see what it’s grown into, is just so powerful.”

The Carlton pantry was started by students for students, Court explained.

“We were so honoured that the Kinsmen had stepped forward and donated a bunch of food for our Carlton Pantry,” he said.

“What’s great about that is the pantry started with an idea of a couple of kids wanting to give back to our Carlton community, recognizing that there were others in need. It’s grown into this amazing give and receive. It’s so great that the kinsmen Club would step forward and donate in that way.”

The donation also brought smiles to the faces of the Kinsmen.

‘It makes our hearts super happy to see that,” Fraser said.

“It drives my drive to be a Kinsman. I know it dries the other guys to be Kinsmen too. They love to see the appreciation on people’s faces.