‘Way of the future:’ modular constructed condo comes to Shellbrook

Escalade Homes in Prince Albert stacked units yesterday in the building process of Parkland Meadows Condo in Shellbrook. (Escalade Homes/Submitted)

Jayda Noyes, Daily Herald

As far as Escalade Homes in Prince Albert is aware, their new Shellbrook condo is the first one built using modular construction in northern Saskatchewan.

The method involves building units at an offsite location and then stacking them together.

The units were manufactured at RCM Condos in Vega, Alberta.

Escalade Homes Marketing and Sales Manager, Shannon Graham, said the interiors are completed and all that’s left to do is hook up mechanical connections.

Graham said modular construction has many benefits.

“Both sides of the construction, the foundation can be prepared at the same time as the units are being built, so it saves construction time, costs and then allows us to give those costs to the buyer…(units) are built inside, like in an inside environment, so they don’t get exposure to rain or snow or dust and reducing mould contamination,” she said.

The 12-unit complex, called Parkland Meadows Condo, is currently being built next to Shellbrook Hospital.

“Of course that’s comforting for some of our hopeful new tenants,” said Graham, adding it may be especially important for seniors.

However, the condo is available for everyone.

Although she believes this is the first modular constructed condo in the area, development companies are using it for other buildings across North America.

“Modular construction is a way of the future,” said Graham.

Occupants can move in in January.