All Mighty Voice releases final album

All Mighty Voice performs at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Nov. 6, 2018 (Brittney Kent/Herald Contributor)

Members of P.A. band going separate ways to work on other musical projects

By Brittney Kent, Herald Contributor

All Mighty Voice is movin’ on.

The Prince Albert-based band performed on the E.A. Rawlinson Centre for the Arts stage Tuesday to promote the release of their new album, ‘Still Early,’ while also commencing their tour to say goodbye.

A four-piece band also from P.A., The Goats, opened up the show.

The Goats were “so pleased to be asked to open for All Mighty Voice,” adding that “it’s great to be back after so long and put on a show with our good friends.” They played some catchy originals along with a few covers like ‘Pump up the Jam’ and ended their opening set with ‘I will survive,’ which really struck a chord with the audience when the crowd began clapping and singing along in unison.

All Mighty Voice came together as a band just over 6 years ago and have been making a name for themselves ever since. The group changed over time, leaving Ian Dickson (drums/vocals), Jordy Balicki, (electric guitar/vocals) and Shayne Lazarowich (acoustic guitar/harmonica/lead vocals) as original members of AMV; welcoming Joel Rohs (electric guitar/keys/vocals), Kayanna Wirtz (keys/vocals), and Stephen Williams (bass guitar) as bandmates, further down the line.

AMV took the stage with all smiles and a contagious energy starting the night off with the first track off their new album, “Keep on Moving.” Their voices certainly sounded ‘All-Mighty’ with their melodic five-part harmonies and a solid rhythm of “swanky grooves.” Their music can be described as a sensible blend of soul, rock n roll, and alternative indie-folk.

This is the third album the band has released. Rohs said, “we recorded in basements, main floors, and studios. Some songs were written individually, some together. It’s been a labor of love. It took us a really long time to get through, but it’s a great closure piece – a nice farewell.” The band has a long list of musical achievements including: playing at the Canadian music week (Toronto), the 2015 Canadian Winter Games, and opening for the Strumbella’s during Junofest. All Mighty Voice are three-time winners of Rawlco Radio’s “Best of the Best” band in P.A., two-time regional finalist in CBC’s Searchlight Competition, and has shared the stage with countless other respected artists.

Recently, the band announced “with a heavy heart,” news of their split, making this their final album release/tour. AMV still has two shows left, one each in Saskatoon and Regina later this month.

When asked how they felt about the show, Balicki was quick to give a response, saying, “It was really good. It was emotional today. There’s been a lot of members over the years and the people who were here tonight were the right people: we’ve become a family.”

As the concert came to a close, All Mighty Voice returned to the stage after a crowd-pleasing request for an encore. They ended the evening with ‘Movin’ On’ – a song they wrote a very long time ago at the early stages of becoming a band. It seemed poetically fitting to end the night with the lyrics, “movin’ on is just what’s best for me.”

Although All Mighty Voice has announced their split, the members have been working on other side projects they are passionate about and will continue making music to be excited about, just not – at the moment, – collectively.

Dickson and Balicki have joined forces with vocal powerhouse, Emma Jean Anderson (singer/songwriter) under the band name Rymestone. They are currently working on recording their first album together and just recently played a Halloween show at P.A.B.C.O. over the weekend. They will also be making an appearance at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre’s Season Preview on November 21st.

Williams is involved in a two-person band called ‘Soulfather’ and is always busy playing music and collaborating whenever he can.

Rohs and Wirtz work closely on their own projects together as a couple and are hosting a prairie summer music festival (in a field full of the comfiest couches, just outside of the city). They’re calling it “Chesterfest,” which made its first sneak-preview at the Evergreen Arts Festival, this past weekend at the Rawlison Centre.

Lazarowich, who is originally from Saskatoon, has since returned home, where he currently plays music with another band. When asked how he felt, Shayne expressed that he’s “not sure exactly what the future holds, but it’s been a good group of friends and people to spend the last couple of years with.”