Province encourages residents to innovate to reduce waste

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council says composting can reduce household waste by as much as a third. (Wikimedia Commons)

The province is encouraging residents to find innovative ways to save the planet for Waste Reduction Week.

Environment Minister Dustin Duncan dedicated Oct. 15. to Oct. 21 for residents to spread the word about being environmentally-conscious.

Now in it’s 17th year, the government said the province has recycled an impressive amount of waste in 2017, and programs continue to improve.

(Government of Saskatchewan/Submitted)

In early 2018, a program was launched for responsible management of grain bags. The waste electronic program was also expanded to include microwaves, GPS units and game consoles.

They continue to work on programs for household hazardous waste.

The province’s dedication to the environment over the week aligns with Canada’s Waste Reduction Week, which the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) monitors its involvement in.

“We encourage all Saskatchewan residents to participate in events during the week. The SWRC supports new provincial programs, such as the one being planned for household hazardous waste, that will give Saskatchewan residents more options for keeping materials out of landfills,” said SWRC Executive Director Joanne Fedyk.

Visit for a full list of ways to integrate environmentally-friendly options into your life.

A few include using reusable containers instead of plastic bags for packing lunches, watering your garden during the coolest parts of the day to avoid evaporation, carpooling and buying in bulk.

To share your tips on social media, use #WasteReductionWeek.