Mangler crashes his way to victory

Devin Marion stands on his car after winning the Prince Albert Exhibition demolition derby on August 4, 2018. He won $2000 for coming in first. (Bianca Bharti/Daily Herald)

Bianca Bharti, Daily Herald

Thunder and rain were no match to the booms and crashes of the Prince Albert Exhibition demolition derby on Saturday.

Despite the weather, hundreds of people lined the grandstand bleachers and witnessed Devin Marion smash out the competition to earn first place.

“I built a mean car this year,” Marion said. “I’ve been working on this car since May. Me and my son have been building every day.”

Marion said his friends used to call him “Mangler” when he was younger, so the name just stuck. He even got it tattooed on his shoulder and named his car after himself

Entering the championship ring with Mangler 77, Marion’s car survived the thunderous crashes. The round ended with Mangler 77’s engine blowing out and a huge cloud of smoke engulfing the car, just after he totalled second place winner Brandon Seeseequasis’ car.

“That was insane. It’s always a good rush.”

He said he had no strategy going in. “I was just trying to destroy every car I could.”

One by one, each car in the championship was wiped out until it was just Seeseequasis and Marion.

The two cars played tag, chasing and going around the ring until Seeseequasis’ engine gave.

Once the round finished, Marion hopped onto the top of his car and stuck his index finger in the air while the crowd went wild. It’s his fourth win at the demolition derby.

For winning first place, he will receive $2000. Seeseeqausis will get $1000 for coming in second and Albert Hood will get $500 for coming in third.