‘Bringing Vegas to Prince Albert’

Cast members of Four Weddings and an Elvis rehearse last Friday at the Margo Fournier Centre. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

Four Weddings and an Elvis, Odyssey Production’s newest show, promises an immersive Las Vegas experience

It’s Vegas, baby!

With showgirls, a crooner, cocktails and an Elvis-themed red, white and pink wedding chapel, Odyssey Productions is bringing Sin City to the stage with its newest show.

Four Weddings and an Elvis follows four couples who have come to Las Vegas to tie the knot. Each of the weddings, each with their own characters, has a little something extra.

‘Four Weddings and an Elvis is set in a wedding chapel in las Vegas,” said director Dave Mulgrew.

“I look at it as having four different scenes having four different couples getting married. They all show up in Las Vegas for their own special reasons. In the first scene there’s an Elvis, in the second scene there’s an Elvis, in the third scene there’s not an Elvis but there’s the net best thing.”

With the play set in Vegas, Odyssey has gone that extra step to bring the famous city’s atmosphere to Plaza 88. They’ve brought in showgirls and singer Bryce Elliot to perform as the Vegas crooner singing show tunes.

Even the set screams Vegas.

‘it has a beautiful marriage area with two giant eight foot hearts decorated in cloths and lights, pinks, whites and reds,” Mulgrew said. “

Very churchy, very Elvis colours. You need to come down thinking you’re going to go to Vegas, maybe have a drink, a couple of cocktails, and take a look at the Vegas showgirls we added to the show. We’re bringing Vegas to Prince Albert.”

The play is funny throughout, Mulgrew said.

“its really well-written. It’s a perfect dinner theatre play. All four scenes are equally funny.”

The play demands a large cast, with about a dozen people. It’s one of the larger shows put on by Odyssey in recent years, which presents some unique challenges.

“We’ve done plays in the past that had h8ge casts, but this is probably as big of a cast as you’re going to work with,” said Mulgrew.

“It can be hard to get 11, 12, 13 people together at once. We’ve had a lot of people stand in and pay different roles in rehearsal.”

Mulgrew is an experienced veteran of the Prince Albert theatre scene. He’s acted with all four local theatre companies, and directed with all but Spark. He recently graced the stage in Spark’s production of Macbeth.

“I did my first show in P.A. in 1982, and came back in 1993” he said.

“I’ve been doing plays pretty much ever year. “

The city’s theatre scene is well respected provincially, he said.

Four Weddings and an Elvis, written by Nancy Frick, runs March 15-17 at Plaza 88. The Thursday night show is a show only, while the Friday and Saturday night shows include dinner.

Doors open each night at 6:30 p.m., with dinner Friday and Saturday at 7 and the show at 8. The Thursday show starts at 7 p.m.

This is a corrected story – the original story had incorrect showtimes. We regret the error and apologize for any confusion