Pampered and in pyjamas

Annual pyjama party fundraiser returns Saturday

“If you don’t you look silly,” said co-organizer Michelle McKeaveney.

No, you don’t stay the night. At least, not this year. Maybe down the road.

Those two questions are the most commonly asked of McKeaveney when she people talk about the annual fundraiser.

McKeaveney and fellow organizers Tiffany Pandila, April Lorensen and Jenn Mahlberg met at the Prince Albert Wildlife Federation building Friday to plan with the venue and put finishing touches on the seventh edition of the annual event, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 27 at the Wildlife Federation Building.

The project got started when McKeaveney’s daughter was in Grade 9. She needed to do community service hours, and a friend had recently been in a snowmobile accident and his family was raising funds. It was also during the Give a Little Life campaign. McKeaveney had a friend who had passed from breast cancer and her family was donating to that.

“We figured a great way to do stuff was to get people out to our little tiny hall in the middle of winter and do something funny and fun,” McKeaveney said.

The event has been growing ever since.

The idea is to give women a night out where they can be pampered at an affordable price with the money going to a good cause.

“The vision is to keep tickets affordable so that anyone from any socioeconomic background could attend and everything is provided within this room,” McKeaveney said.

“If you come in with five extra dollars or five hundred extra dollars, you can shop and spend and be pampered and try new things maybe you’ve never tried, all in the privacy of this space.”

People can test out the services, or get a card to go back and try it privately later.

“It’s little samplings of different types of services and shops.”

There are no men allowed at this event, except for those working.

One of the main features this year is the mini spa experience. Mini manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, card readings, eyebrows, waxing and even reflexology will all be available.

“There will be some really cool things here on a mini scale with mini prices to get yourself a sample of what they have to offer.”

This year’s charity is the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the Victoria Hospital. McKeaveney saw a Facebook post before Christmas about the facility’s wish list and decided to pay a visit.

“When we were told that 900 families in one year had used that space. That was mind-blowing. They receive no dietary support or aid from the hospital directly,” she said.

“While we were in this space for less than an hour, there were three ladies who came in getting snacks, maybe a hug from one of the workers or volunteers. That touched my heart. We didn’t feel like we were in the hospital.”

“It’s a beautiful space,” Pandila added.

“And it’s right in our community,” McKeaveney continued.

“You can go in there and take a minute to chill, relax and get away from the tubes and the machines. It blew me away. It fits the mandate of the pyjama party, which is to assist others in our community and surrounding areas with medical issues.”

One change this year is ticket prices are a little higher than they have been.

“This year’s tickets are $45 each, which is a bit of a shock to some because that’s the highest we’ve ever charged,” McKeaveney said.

“However it includes a really cool buffet, a late lunch.”

It also includes the option to take a limo bus from the Ricky’s parking lot out to the Wildlife Federation building.

The organizers are still looking for donations for door prizes, raffle items and silent auction prizes.

“Anybody can donate,” said Pandila.

“it doesn’t matter how big or small, we’ll take anything.”

Donations can be dropped off at Pandila and Co located at number 5 – 210 15 Street East. The staff know about the collection and will be able to take donations.

Mostly, though, organizers want to encourage the women of the community to come out and enjoy a fun time. That’s reflected in the event’s logo, a relaxed woman hanging out in a champagne glass.

“That’s the idea,” said Mahlberg, who designed the tickets and posters.

“Kind of easy casual. There’s nobody here except us girls, so this is what we do. We can just kick back and have fun.”

Tickets are available at Scentiments Floral, Novus Salon or Era Maternity. For info, call or text 306-981-6083. Tickets will be $45 in advance or $55 at the door.