Koch mandate letter emphasizes service and accountability

Saskatchewan Party leadership candidate Alanna Koch says she’s committed to reducing bureaucracy, duplication and frustration in public-facing services.

The goal was part of Koch’s mandate letter, which she released on Thursday. The letter outlines several ways in which she aims to develop “a high-performing and engaged government.”

Koch spent 21 years as a civil servant, including eight years as deputy minister of agriculture and a stint as deputy minister to the premier. She said there’s room to create a faster and friendlier government, but emphasized she wasn’t singling out any particular department.

“I think it’s about trying to be as efficient and effective and innovative and citizen-centred as possible when we’re delivering government services, and I think we can always do better,” Koch explained.

“I had the experience, as the deputy minister to the premier, that if we focus on the right things then we can really make some big changes that really benefit the people of Saskatchewan.”

Koch said she wants government workers to be more empathetic when helping citizens navigate the world of government laws and regulations. During her time as a deputy minister she often saw cases where residents were frustrated with how confusing the process was. She said that would change if she’s elected premier.

“Obviously we can’t always say yes to citizens on what they ask for, but it’s sometimes about how we say no,” she said.

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