Self-represented man already serving time pleads guilty to assualting ex

Saskatchewan Provincial Court in Prince Albert. Herald File Photo

A man already serving time for sexual assault pleaded guilty to mischief and assault after a rampage at his ex-girlfriend’s house in MacDowell last January.

Michael Paul appeared in court Wednesday representing himself. He immediately asked if he could get time served or if it could just be added on to his current sentence.

The judge asked if he was pleading guilty. Paul replied in the affirmative.

According to the facts of the case, Paul went to his ex-girlfriend’s home at 1:55 a.m. because he was upset with her. He broke the bathroom door, as well as other items, belonging to the victim.

He then grabbed her tightly by her arms and threw her against the door, before smashing her head on the door.

She called police. By the time they arrived, Paul had left. The victim told police she feared for her safety and the safety of her child, and decided to press charges.

Paul agreed with the facts as presented, and told the court he was in the midst of a 32-month sentence for sexual assault, and has been in contact with the ex-girlfriend who he threw into the door, as they have a kid together.

Usually, a sentencing for mischief would take the form of some kind of restitution. But since Paul is already in prison and unable to complete the restitution, a prison sentence was handed down instead.

Paul will serve concurrent 30-day sentences for the charges of mischief and assault. Those sentences will be served concurrent to the one he is currently serving.

A $100 victim surcharge was added, but it will be served in prison time during his current sentence.