Developing new skills

The third annual North Female Hockey Program camp is coming to the Art Hauser Centre from Aug. 21 to 23. (Photo courtesy North Female Hockey Program)

Female hockey camp returns to Prince Albert

Al Dyer says female hockey is growing in Prince Albert, and as a member of the North Female Hockey Program committee, he’s hoping that more local girls have the chance to grow and excel in the sport.

“There is a large number of girls that have gone to play at high levels from this area and we want to see more,” he said.

“Frankly we don’t think there are enough high-profile hockey players coming from Prince Albert and we are hoping that these young women that come and play and develop their skills at our camp will go on to play (for) the Bears and university hockey and maybe other higher levels.”

The three-day North Female Hockey Program camp is now in its third year and takes place at the Art Hauser Centre from Aug. 21 to 23.

This year additional spaces have been made available to accommodate rising interest. In its first year and second years, the camp drew 51 and 66 registrants, respectively, according to Dyer. He said up to 90 skaters could potentially register for this year’s camp.

“It’s been growing and we had to turn away girls last year and that’s why we felt we needed to expand our camp this year,” Dyer said.

Those interested in registering can visit the program’s website for details. The deadline to sign up is Aug. 18, but some participants may be accepted on Aug. 21.

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