A place to work out

Prince Albert Minto players Alex Moar (left) and Kevin Ledoux (centre) assist in the construction of a new team weight room at the Art Hauser Centre on Tuesday. (Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald)

P.A. Mintos players and board members help to build a new team weight room

Alex Moar and Kevin Ledoux had quite the workout on Tuesday.

The Prince Albert Mintos players were hauling cement and stacking bricks to aid in the construction of a new team weight room in the hallway behind the concessions at the Art Hauser Centre.

“I think it’s going to be pretty special,” Ledoux said of the new space.

“We can go and do our own thing instead of having to run interference with anyone else and just get in our own work.”

“It’s better knowing that you have a gym to work out at before and after, whether it’s stretching or just warming up,” Moar added.

The players were joined by Mintos board members Mike Mazurak, Mel Kelley and Merle and Andy Kozun, as well as bricklayers Ron Robert and Ludwig Hesp. Construction began on Monday with the goal of completing the room and moving in exercise equipment and weights before the Saskatchewan Midget ‘AAA’ Hockey League season begins next month.

Merle said it has been a longtime goal for the Mintos to have their own weight room at their home rink. He said other teams in the league, like the Notre Dame Hounds and Argos, benefit from having a weight room on site.

“They train and they get stronger and we’re still fast but we’re not as strong and we’re hoping we’re going to cure this problem,” he said.

“We just find as a season progresses we’re not in as good a shape as other teams and with some support of the community here we were able to get some funds together and build this room for the kids.”

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