Woman pleads guilty after brandishing pellet gun

Saskatchewan Provincial Court in Prince Albert. Herald File Photo

A 40-year-old woman received a six-month probation Friday for pulling out a pellet gun during an argument at the Prince Albert Inn.

The woman was in an argument with a second woman when she pulled what looked to be a handgun out of her waistband. She was intoxicated, and also had a can of beer tucked into her pants.

A bystander called the police, believing the gun to be real.

According to the statement of facts heard in court, the second woman was heard saying “shoot me, shoot me.”

By the time police arrived, the woman had put the gin away.

The officer who attended the scene had already dealt with the woman earlier in the night. He thought perhaps the witness had confused the shiny side of the can with a gun.

As the woman was publicly intoxicated, the officer placed her under arrest. While searching her, he located the pellet gun in her waistband. It looked similar to a real handgun.

In the drive over to the police station, the woman was talkative, mentioning the weapon was just a pellet gun, court heard.

The woman pleaded guilty to a concealed weapon charge.

When asked by Judge Loewen if she had anything to say, she simple said “I should know better.”

He agreed.

“You should know better.”

He lectured the woman. Although it was only a pellet gun, its resemblance to the real thing could easily fool a bystander.

“You know what happens to people who brandish weapons? Sometimes they get shot,” he said. “People don’t know it’s not a real weapon.”

As a part of her probation order, the woman is prohibited from possession firearms or any likenesses of firearms, or other weapons. She has also been barred from bars and liquor stores, and must attend assessment, treatment and counselling.

Accused child abductor’s case adjourned

Jarrod Charles, the man accused of abducting an eight-year-old girl from a Prince Albert Playground, was originally scheduled to appear by video Friday, but the appearance was waved. His next court date is scheduled for July 14.

Charles faces a number of kidnapping and sexual assault charges.