Teens charged in car theft standoff

A dramatic scene played out Sunday night in front of a Marquis Road gas station.

At about 3 p.m. Sunday, police responded to a complaint about a stolen vehicle.

A pursuit began, but police quickly called it off due to high rates of speeds and concern for public safety.

That wasn’t the last time police saw that vehicle that day.

Shortly before 10 p.m. police responded the Co Op gas station on Marquis after receiving reports that a vehicle spotted there had stolen gas on several previous occasions. The vehicle in question, a grey pickup truck, also matched the description of the stolen vehicle from earlier that afternoon.

Patrol vehicles set up containment, surrounding the pickup truck in the gas station parking lot. Sirens and lights were activated.

The driver, however, wasn’t intent on getting arrested that day, and backed into one of the patrol vehicles, doing damage to its front end.

The pickup began revving, in an action police believed was giving the appearance of further trying to break out of its containment.

Officers exited their vehicles and approached the passenger and drivers’ side of the vehicle with their guns drawn, commanding the driver to surrender and exit the vehicle.

The driver didn’t obey. In response, an officer broke the vehicle’s driver side glass window with a baton and re-issued the command, gun still in hand.

The driver and two passengers ten surrendered and exited the vehicle. They were promptly arrested.

A search of the vehicle revealed a pellet rifle.

Three male youths were charged.

The driver, 14, is facing six charges:

  • Having in his possession a stolen vehicle exceeding $5,000,
  • Operating a motor vehicle while being pursued in an attempt to evade a peace officer,
  • Assaulting an officer with intent to resist a lawful arrest,
  • Operating a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public,
  • Stealing gas (not exceeding $5,000),
  • Being at large on his undertaking and to comply with keeping of the peace and being of good behaviour.

The two other suspects, aged 15 and 14, are each facing one count of possessing a stolen vehicle exceeding $5,000, and stealing gas not exceeding $5,000.

All three were due in provincial court Monday.