Meet Prince Albert’s newest officer: ‘Mini Caliber SWAT Robot’

Mini Caliber SWAT Robot. Photos courtesy Prince Albert Police Service

The Prince Albert Police Service has recruited a new member to its SWAT team – a robot.

Known as Mini Caliber SWAT Robot, the device has already participated in a major operation. Last month, it helped the tactical team execute a high-risk warrant that took illegal firearms off the street.

The robot was the first “officer” into the residence.

So far SWAT is “impressed with its capabilities,” says team leader Sgt. Josh Peterson. The robot, he explained, will be used in risky situations where it’s unsafe for officers to go – including stand-offs with armed gunmen.

“It will be an active member of the SWAT team,” Peterson told the Daily Herald.

Mini Caliber SWAT Robot has a rotating claw, capable of opening doors and delivering packages. It has two-way audio, handy for hostage negotiations, and a video feed to provide surveillance. Just like a tank, it uses treads to navigate rugged terrain – and can even employ its flippers to climb stairs.

Deputy Chief Jeff Rowden said he expects the robot to keep the community and his officers safe.

For more on this story, see the May 9 print or e-edition of the Daily Herald.