Breakfast of champions

Saskatchewan Roughriders Jorgen Hus and Dan Clark (from left) were the guest speakers at this year’s Training for Life Power Breakfast at the Ches Leach Lounge on Wednesday morning. (Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald)

Roughriders discuss their careers and give advice at Raiders’ Power Breakfast

Mike Svenson’s 14-year-old son Tanner has only been bowling and playing floor hockey with Special Olympics Prince Albert since the end of last year, but Svenson said he’s already noticed a difference.

“I think it’s brought him out of his shell. He’s much happier, much more outgoing than he ever has been so I think he’s really found himself and his place there and we couldn’t be happier with that outcome,” Svenson said.

“He’s just fresh into the organization and he feels real comfortable there and he likes his teammates and the athletes and the organization treat him really well.”

Svenson is the co-chair of Special Olympics Prince Albert and this year for the first time he was involved with organizing the 12th annual Prince Albert Raiders Training for Life Power Breakfast at the Ches Leach Lounge. This year’s guests were Saskatchewan Roughriders offensive lineman Dan Clark and longsnapper Jorgen Hus. The yearly event is a fundraiser for Special Olympics Lakeland District and the Raider Education Fund.

“I think it turned out fantastic. We had a lot of great support from the community once again…. The generosity of this community’s been fantastic over the years,” Svenson said.

“The Riders area a keystone, pivotal organization in Saskatchewan and any time we can get those guys out to do a an event like this is always tremendous. They’re such a big drawing card for people to come.”

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