Saskatchewan catches the mumps

The mumps virus under an electron micrograph. Wikimedia Commons

At least two cases of the mumps have turned up in Saskatchewan.
The Ministry of Health confirmed the news on Monday, though they declined to reveal where the infections were found. Two other possible cases are under review.

The province’s chief medical health officer, Dr. Saqib Shahab, said that the virus is usually rare in Saskatchewan. He said increased risk is coming from nearby outbreaks in Manitoba and Alberta.

“Both those provinces are reporting an increasing number of cases,” he told reporters in Regina. “The risk right now is related to travel to other provinces and also travel internationally.”

Manitoba has confirmed nearly 200 cases since September, while Alberta is grappling with 30 cases so far this year.

Symptoms of the mumps generally include fever, headache and swelling. But Dr. Shahab said that, in rare cases, the virus can cause more severe complications.

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