Sask. Party, NDP squabble over pay cut

The Saskatchewan Party proposal to cut MLA pay by 3.5 per cent has hit a road block as NDP members sitting on the Board of Internal Economy have refused to attend committee meetings until the Sask. Party heeds to their demands.

The fireworks started Wednesday morning when the NDP chose to boycott the committee meeting of the Board of Internal Economy when the Sask. Party “made it clear they would not consider the NDP’s demands,” according to an NDP media release.

The NDP are demanding that cabinet ministers take an additional 20 per cent cut to their bonuses, that the government eliminate five MLA positions before the next election and not use the pay cut as an excuse to “go after Saskatchewan workers.”

“When Sask. Party members of a parliamentary committee – the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) –  made it clear they would not consider the NDP’s demands, (MLAs David Forbes and Warren McCall)l refused to enter the meeting,” the release said.

“The Sask. Party hold the majority of votes on the committee so the only way for the NDP to block their plans and protect public workers was to not attend”

The Sask. Party was unimpressed with the NDP’s ploy.

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