Breaking the bank

Kelly Moniuk poses for a mug shot prior to entering the makeshift Canadian Cancer Society jail at the Prince Albert Gateway Mall. © Herald photo by Jason Kerr.

Jailbirds help raise $22,000 for Canadian Cancer Society

Jackie Langlois didn’t expect to end up in jail when she got up this morning, but by lunchtime that’s where she was.

Langlois was part of a steady parade of “jailbirds” who took part in the 27th annual Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Jail-N-Bail at the Gateway Mall on Thursday.

It was her first time taking part in the annual fundraiser, but despite being captive for most of her lunch hour she was in a good mood by the end.

“It was super fun,” she chuckled. “We got coffee. We got food. We got treated like I’m sure you don’t get treated in jail.”

Although it sounds like fun, being stuck in jail is serious business. Langlois had to raise more than $150 to secure her release, but she said it was absolutely worth it to support the CCS.

“I have lots of close personal relations that have had cancer or who are going through cancer, so it’s extremely important for anyone to get together and raise money for a good cause.”

For many jailbirds, being rounded up was an unexpected experience. Kelly Moniuk, another jailhouse guest during the lunch hour, even got some extra support when she was whisked away from her job.

“My boss said, ‘here’s a fifty (dollar bill). I want you to come back,’” she chuckled.

Like Langlois, Moniuk said she was happy to support the cause, even if it meant spending a few moments in jail.

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